The courage to change

Today as I was driving, a sudden realization hit me. I was looking forward to buying some snacks from the lady selling near the market as soon as I dropped off my daughter at school. Then I paused and noticed the urge. I realized it was a habit formed over years of repetition. It’s hard to break off from it. It became the normal thing to do as if on autopilot mode. When I stopped and asked whether its necessary and the answer came as no. It’s just something I am used to doing. I asked myself: is it good for me? No, its not. Fueling my  body with fried sugary snacks first thing in the morning is not an ideal habit to have. I know it will not move me towards my goal of honoring my body. As soon as I watched the urge, I was able to discern and detach from it. I then remembered that on the days I make myself breakfast of smoothies and overnight oats, I feel great throughout the day. 

So many of us face the same issue. Friday night means booze session for many of us. For others eating for the sake of socializing has become a norm. Should we fit into habits that other people deem as norm? Or should we detach from it and start deciding for ourselves whether a habit serves us for the better or for the worse?.


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