Stepping back

When we step back amidst conflicting relationships, we create space for everyone to heal and take stock of what happened.

When your conscious awareness expands, you will start noticing everything around you begin experiencing a transformation. Your mere presence lights up the entire room. You start changing the energy of your loved ones. You will start noticing the conscious awareness of your loved ones start expanding. This only means one thing: that we are all connected to the collective awareness. This is especially more powerful among our loved ones.

By taking a step back amidst conflicts, you take the time to just be and meditate on the situation. The whole dynamics of the relationship start changing. It just needs time and prayers. When you pray for peace and love from deep inside your consciousness, your outside world will start to reflect your deepest desires.

It’s akin to a tree with wilting leaves – it needs time and space to grow its leaves after a hot summer season.


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