Deep inside every child

Deep inside every child has good virtues. As long as we remember that we will be able to love and accept the child unconditionally without any form of expectations or mould to conform. When I saw my 5-year old’s act of kindness, I was moved beyond words and saw her kindness and selfless love emanating brightly. This moment taught me to see my daughter in a positive light regardless of what happens. To hold her in positive light irrespective of how she behaves or feels at any moment in her life. In every human being there’s a divine light within. Our role as parents is to recognize and acknowledge the light and allow it to shine to its brightest; and not label a child in any way we deem right. Whenever Svadhi misbehaves or has her moment, this is a reminder for me to be kind to her and accept all of her including her weaknesses and shortcomings. To love her unconditionally and to allow her to shine in her own light.

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