Svadhi’s musings

As we were having dinner, she asked me if my eyes were red. I said I don’t think so. She then went on and asked if her eyes were red. I examined her eyes and said no. Then with a delighted face she exclaimed then I can go to Ammama’s house then! I was baffled and took some time to respond. This little brat has her cunning ways to play some mind games and trick me into giving in to her wishes, all the time. It will take me some time to realize that I have been tricked by a 5-year old. This tactic of hers works all the time, it’s fail proof, and she just gets better at it. I am often caught by surprise at the intelligence level of a 5-year old. She often gets her way by being a smarty pants like this. It requires high level of intelligence and to pull it off like she does is pretty amazing act. She can be a good lawyer or a salesperson.

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