The bell rang. Someone at the gate. She was watching her favorite YouTube channel. Without me telling her, she got up immediately and went to the gate. I heard her take the keys and open the gate. She came in after a while remarking Tatta to me. She continued watching her favorite videos. After some time, she got up and hurried outside remarking I want to go help Tatta. I was startled. A while later I heard her saying softly slowly Tatta slowly, careful ah while holding the hands of her great grandfather who is 83 years old. I sat there deeply touched and moved. Here it is a thoughtful and kind hearted 5-year old when most of us are so held up or preoccupied with our own thoughts and world we fail to be present and lend a helping hand to anyone in need. I paused a moment to reflect on myself. I was humbled by my 5-year old’s actions. I said thanks for having her as my daughter. It was truly a humbling moment where a shift in consciousness took place. I am so blessed to be your mother, Svadhi.

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