Breaking free from karmic patterns

Resolving karma that causes our relationships to become complicated and painful.

I realized that this is the past karma that has been passed on for generations and now it’s passed on to me. How do I heal from my past karma? It took years of regular meditation practice for me to go deeper and identify the cause of my pain. I realized to heal I must carry out deeds that counteract the accumulated karma from long ago, and contribute to the wellness in our world.

All the pain and scar was deeply buried within and over the years the scars have hardened making it difficult to uncover the underlying cause of my hurt. I then realized that time doesn’t heal all wounds — it becomes more deeply entrenched within. Only by healing your karma can you evolve out of your past. Bad karma feeds off of resentment — it makes you attract people who give you even more reason to be resentful. We often wonder why we can’t escape the wheel of negativity — instead we avoid the truth that it’s our very emotions that reel us into such cycles. Karma is a unique force to each of us — every person is fighting his or own karmic battles. But the sooner we identify the sources of our unsettled karma and take action to resolve it, the sooner we experience the miracle of liberation to fulfill the greater purpose of our lives.

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