This morning

This morning after my invigilation duties, I decided that I shall enjoy the short walk to my office. I made an intention that morning to be completely present and enjoy the present moment in a completely awe-struck raw mode. It was a beautiful day with the sun shining brightly accompanied by a gentle whisper of the breeze. I surrender and let go of all my thoughts and worries. A wave of realization hit me that all I have this moment is being in the here and now. All the other things can or will change. But all I have is this moment. This moment is precious. There will always be things to do or to think about, it’s never ending. But there’s only this moment. This moment is unique and special. Just then I was tempted to reach my pocket to glance at the phone. I stopped and noticed the urge and then decided to let it go. I continued immersing myself in that short walk to my office. Everything looked extra clear and crisp and beautifully stunning. I felt the soft crunch as I walked across a bed of flowers fallen on the ground. I feel my entire being washed in gratitude of being able to enjoy this moment.

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