Often times we tend to find the reason why something happen. pinpoint to a factor. Why did my child fall sick; did she eat cold stuffs, did the babysitter forget to sterilize the bottle? Was it due to something she ate? Our mind will be reeling to try to find the reason behind the episode.  When in fact in reality, there can be hundreds of myriad factors in play that it is impossible to pinpoint to a single factor. Such is the complexity of life. Often times we cannot see the invisible factors in play in trudging us forward in this path of life. It’s pointless to seek reasons and explanations for every occurrences in our life. The best thing to do is to learn to surrender and flow with the forces of the universe. Only then we will be able seek reconciliation between our inside and outside world. Only then we will be able to experience a deeper sense of calm and peace within us. If we are able to accept that life is a constant flux of ups and downs, then we can live with peace.

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