My Life Goal

To carry peace and tranquility within me wherever I go;
To honor our role as parents as the foundational tool for our kids to fall back to when they face life’s challenges;
To find and revel in the stillness within whenever I want to;
To practice the art of letting go whenever the need arises;
To surrender to the present moment;
To accept whatever life throws to me with grace and humility;
To accept myself and others exactly as what is without judgement and criticism;
To see others with an eye of compassion and love;
To understand that we are bigger than what we see, think or do;
To fuel the wisdom of forgiveness so that it will take root at the core of my being;
To understand and forgive effortlessly;
To savor and dance to the beauty around me;
To have a deep sense of assurance and confidence;
To flow ease-fully with life’s ebbs and flows;
To learn to expand body, mind and soul to its limitless possibilities;
To acknowledge and accept that people will talk behind me, including my family members. But that’s okay in the knowing that I am not perfect, no one is.

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