Svadhi’s musings

As her father was doing dishes in the kitchen, she sneaked to the living room and found a cup of coffee sitting next to the laptop. Unable to resist she must have reached to the cup looking forward to take a sip. And then it must have spilled – all over her father’s laptop. She must have quickly reached for the brand new white towel just next to the table and tried in vain to wipe off the coffee from the laptop and table. 

When her father walked in to the hall, he must have been shocked to see the mess. He asked her what happened. She answered “I don’t know what happened Appa. I think the mouse must have moved and spilled it over the laptop”. That’s the funniest answer I’ve ever heard – especially coming from a 5-year old. By mouse she referred to the computer mouse which was sitting innocently next to the laptop. It became the easiest scapegoat.

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