8 February 2013:

Exercising and eating right:

Exercising and healthy eating habits go hand in hand. I find that after I exercise I find myself eating less junk food. I generally crave for more water as a result of sweating out. I still have my sweet tooth – it never goes away. But I notice that when I exercise I eat less of those sweet stuffs. I still indulge now and then, but in a small quantity enough to leave me satiated. I think it’s the body’s response to cut out processed and junk food from its system. A year ago when I resolved to exercising to lose my post-pregnancy weight, I find myself failing to upkeep my resolution. More often than not I find myself waning off in spirit when it comes to exercise. Not long after I realized that the motivation for exercise has to be right for it to stick. Now I exercise because it makes me feel good. I feel good to have a leaner and stronger body. Yoga has made my body more flexible and improved my overall well being – the change is noticeable just after a few weeks of practicing yoga diligently. I am able to move with grace and vigor. Such an amazing feeling. Aerobics has improved my stamina and overall physique – I feel more energetic and alive! Strength training has improved my muscle tone. All in all, I am feeling light and invigorated. 

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