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My pregnancy story: Sidhart

17th March 2016: I hurt my back and went for an X-Ray sometime in July, by that time I didn’t realize I was already 8 weeks pregnant. Unexpected pregnancy – totally didn’t expect as it was after my first month … Continue reading

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Getting back in shape after pregnancy

24th July 2014: One of the best things I did during my second pregnancy was practicing yoga diligently. The result I went back to my pre-pregnancy weight within a month after c-section. The rate of recovery from the surgery was … Continue reading

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Differences between pregnancy No.1 and No.2:

14th March 2014: 1. More heartburn during second pregnancy. 2. Morning sickness was more pronounced during the second. 3. Belly button out for the second one. 4. Bigger belly for the second. 5. Extreme discomfort if I eat anything spicy … Continue reading

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8 February 2013:

Exercising and eating right: Exercising and healthy eating habits go hand in hand. I find that after I exercise I find myself eating less junk food. I generally crave for more water as a result of sweating out. I still … Continue reading

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It has been 5 years

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Aashvi at 18 months

Potty training: says¬†kakka when she wants to go to toilet to urine; Expanding vocabulary: “anne, cat, dog, finish, rain, etc”.

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Diapers Changing

A sister’s duty.

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Pravin’s birthday

Pravin’s birthday at Hard Rock Cafe Melaka; she was ecstatic as one of the patient she was caring for is one of the owners of Hard Rock Cafe and he told her to celebrate her birthday at Hard Rock and … Continue reading

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Melaka River Boat Ride

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