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Daily chores and mindfulness

As I was putting away Svadhi’s toys, I watched myself smile at all the toys scattered around the living room. I feel a deep sense of gratitude. That I have child and that she must have enjoyed playing with her … Continue reading

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Meal planning

Here’s a sneak peak of how I menu plan on a weekly basis: Write down the dishes I want to make for the week. It’s just a rough list of menu items I intend to cook – with no days … Continue reading

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Kitchen organization

I am a type A personality. Didn’t know about this classification until I attended the Subway franchisee training in Brisbane. Being organized keeps me happy. That doesn’t mean the house is tidy all the time – I wouldn’t classify myself … Continue reading

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Menu Plan

I used to wake up dreading the question: What to cook today? Now and then, I stumble upon rotting food in the fridge. That was how disorganized I was back then. The idea of menu-planning seemed daunting at first. But, … Continue reading

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