My pregnancy story: Sidhart

17th March 2016:

I hurt my back and went for an X-Ray sometime in July, by that time I didn’t realize I was already 8 weeks pregnant.

Unexpected pregnancy – totally didn’t expect as it was after my first month period after a year long of no menstruation due to breastfeeding my second child.

I also fell sick, flu sore throat and fever during the first months of pregnancy. I am glad the baby turned out fine.

Morning sickness for the first trimester. It was only after feeling nauseous that I suspected I might be pregnant, even though I was still in denial. Did a home pregnancy test and it came out as a faint double line. I was shocked. Showed the UPT test result to my husband. He just smiled. 

The nausea persisted. I had to drag my feet to the lecture class. 

As I lay down to rest one evening, I had a vision of being underwater and reaching out to hold the hand of a baby. Then I knew there is a life growing inside me. 

The next day we went to the gynae to confirm the results. During the ultrasound, the gynae showed us the 8-weeks old fetus and the heartbeat. I couldn’t belief my eyes. I was more worried of the X-Ray I went for and how it might have caused harm to the baby. The gynae assured me that it’s nothing to worry about.

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Getting back in shape after pregnancy

24th July 2014:

One of the best things I did during my second pregnancy was practicing yoga diligently. The result I went back to my pre-pregnancy weight within a month after c-section. The rate of recovery from the surgery was also fast. Yoga is indeed the best workout for any stages in your life. The results from the practice is mind-blowing. I couldn’t believe how fast I got back in shape after delivery. I am a happy girl.¬†

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Differences between pregnancy No.1 and No.2:

14th March 2014:

1. More heartburn during second pregnancy.

2. Morning sickness was more pronounced during the second.

3. Belly button out for the second one.

4. Bigger belly for the second.

5. Extreme discomfort if I eat anything spicy during the second pregnancy.

6. Belly more pointing outwards for the second one.

7. Went for regular walks for the first one. 

8. Practiced yoga regularly during the second one.

9. Feel more pressure and pain at the lower abdominal/pelvic area starting from 32 weeks for the second one.

10. Practiced meditation religiously during the second pregnancy.

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8 February 2013:

Exercising and eating right:

Exercising and healthy eating habits go hand in hand. I find that after I exercise I find myself eating less junk food. I generally crave for more water as a result of sweating out. I still have my sweet tooth – it never goes away. But I notice that when I exercise I eat less of those sweet stuffs. I still indulge now and then, but in a small quantity enough to leave me satiated. I think it’s the body’s response to cut out processed and junk food from its system. A year ago when I resolved to exercising to lose my post-pregnancy weight, I find myself failing to upkeep my resolution. More often than not I find myself waning off in spirit when it comes to exercise. Not long after I realized that the motivation for exercise has to be right for it to stick. Now I exercise because it makes me feel good. I feel good to have a leaner and stronger body. Yoga has made my body more flexible and improved my overall well being – the change is noticeable just after a few weeks of practicing yoga diligently. I am able to move with grace and vigor. Such an amazing feeling. Aerobics has improved my stamina and overall physique – I feel more energetic and alive! Strength training has improved my muscle tone. All in all, I am feeling light and invigorated. 

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It has been 5 years

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Aashvi at 18 months

  • Potty training: says¬†kakka when she wants to go to toilet to urine;
  • Expanding vocabulary: “anne, cat, dog, finish, rain, etc”.

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Diapers Changing

A sister’s duty.

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Pravin’s birthday

Pravin’s birthday at Hard Rock Cafe Melaka; she was ecstatic as one of the patient she was caring for is one of the owners of Hard Rock Cafe and he told her to celebrate her birthday at Hard Rock and it was on the house. Vishain surprised her by dropping by unannounced.

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Melaka River Boat Ride

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