My pregnancy story: Sidhart

17th March 2016:

I hurt my back and went for an X-Ray sometime in July, by that time I didn’t realize I was already 8 weeks pregnant.

Unexpected pregnancy – totally didn’t expect as it was after my first month period after a year long of no menstruation due to breastfeeding my second child.

I also fell sick, flu sore throat and fever during the first months of pregnancy. I am glad the baby turned out fine.

Morning sickness for the first trimester. It was only after feeling nauseous that I suspected I might be pregnant, even though I was still in denial. Did a home pregnancy test and it came out as a faint double line. I was shocked. Showed the UPT test result to my husband. He just smiled. 

The nausea persisted. I had to drag my feet to the lecture class. 

As I lay down to rest one evening, I had a vision of being underwater and reaching out to hold the hand of a baby. Then I knew there is a life growing inside me. 

The next day we went to the gynae to confirm the results. During the ultrasound, the gynae showed us the 8-weeks old fetus and the heartbeat. I couldn’t belief my eyes. I was more worried of the X-Ray I went for and how it might have caused harm to the baby. The gynae assured me that it’s nothing to worry about.

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