Chitra Pournami (Full Moon Day)

I must say that I am not religious enough to observe all the festivities in Hindu calendar and this at times makes me feel awkward when my neighbors/colleagues/friends talk about these occasions on which I don’t keep myself abreast with. My family and I are the most low profile individuals when it comes to being involved in temple celebrations. We are spiritual people and we love to go to temple just to pray and sit around the peaceful surroundings of the temple. But when it comes to all these temple-social aspects, we don’t involve ourselves.

So, yesterday was Chitra Pournami day (of which I only came to know from my grandfather. Frankly speaking, despite Deepavali and Thaipusam, I have been totally ignorant of other festivities in Hindu calendar). I google-ed on Chitra Pournami and learnt a few things.

Chitra Pournami is observed on the full moon day in the month of Chitirai (April/May). In this month, the sunshine is in its entire splendour, and the moon which borrows its luster from the sun is just as resplendent. The day is believed to be conducive to the happiness of humanity in general. According to Hindu mythology, Chithragupta, the chief accountant of Lord Yama or the God of Death, keeps a record of all the good and bad deeds of men. On the day of Chitra Pournami or full moon day, which falls in the Tamil month of Chittirai, people make special offerings to please Chithragupta. The full moon shining in all its splendour is a sight to watch. Special prayers are arranged at all the temples.

There was a procession with a chariot around my neighbourhood yesterday. Every year we look forward to that. Although we only joined the procession once (a few years back) we always look forward to the chariot passing by our house. I managed to take some shots (not very good shots, though) of the colorful and vibrant chariot.

The lights glimerring on the chariot

My dogs were totally enthralled by all these πŸ™‚

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2 Responses to Chitra Pournami (Full Moon Day)

  1. Seelan says:

    try visit this website, it has a lot of info on hindu festival.

  2. AGAPE says:

    thanks for the website, seelan πŸ™‚

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