My favorite and handy gadget for 2009 – GPS! Last Saturday, we went to the PIKOM PC Fair at the KL Convention Centre. One of the items that we intended to buy is the GPS. I need a GPS badly to navigate myself around KL without getting lost. More often that not – with my terrible sense of direction – I find myself going round and round around roundabouts deciding on which exit to take. And with a GPS, I am more confident to get around anywhere I wish to go. We bought the GARMIN model nuvi 205 – it’s compact and sleek-looking with some basic features – price: RM 499. I told Alfred that it’s the best ever gift for me (nowadays, I find myself favoring practical gifts). We also bought an external hard disk drive (Seagate brand) and a box of DVD-R.
Besides skimpily dressed salesgirls, one of the ‘attractions’ during the PC fair is the ‘statue’ man.
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