Good news!


Positive UPT test taken in the morning! Thank you Universe for answering our prayers! Svadhi will soon be having a sibling to play with. We are truly blessed. I am so excited to be a mother again. To carry a life within me – can’t wait to feel the kicks and nudges. I want to thoroughly enjoy every single moment of this pregnancy.

After the positive UPT test, went to Dr Vishnu to do a scan and saw the sac at week 4. What a joy!

Nausea started in week 5.
Nausea throughout the day and after meals.
Cravings for durian and mango.
Favorite food is thosai with delicious chicken curry.

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2 Responses to Good news!

  1. Rachael Sarah Raymond says:

    I stumbled upon your blog a while ago when I googled the recipe for coconut candy. I’ve been following your blog since. Congratulations on your second baby. As a mother of 2 myself, trust me when I say rest as much as you can while u still have only 1 child to look after. It’s no easy feat caring for 2 kids. But based on what I have read in your blog, you’ll probably do it with ease and loads of grace. I aspire to be as ‘zen’ as you but I’m more high strung I suppose. Haha. Take care.

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