I hurt my back recently. I couldn’t stand up straight. Walking and sitting down was extremely painful. The pain was debilitating. I felt like a cripple. I kept asking why it happened. I was doing yoga regularly and was in shape. How did this happen? I am strong. How could I have hurt my back so bad that I can’t even walk properly. I felt like an old-aged person. Having this back pain reminded me to not take anything for granted.

This pain taught me few lessons:

  • To appreciate my good health and never to take it for granted;
  • Bad things happen even when you least expect it. You can be in your best shape, but pain is inevitable.
  • To be grateful to be able to move with ease. Pain is there to remind us the polarities of life.
  • There is no such thing as perfection. Sometimes not so good things happen to you even when you think you’ve got everything under your control. The best thing to do during this time is to accept whatever that comes our way and flow with the rhythm of life.
  • This pain also taught me to appreciate and value my loved ones. My husband and mother took very good care of me during this time.
  • I realized I was walking with pride just because I practice yoga everyday and that I am in better shape than other people. I was arrogant. This pain taught me humility. I now realize that I too can get hurt and sick.
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