The Birth Story

I’ve finally managed to find some personal time to jot down the birth story of our precious angel. I am sitting in our living room gazing at my now 5-month old baby girl  who is sound asleep – and a sudden rush of emotions came flooding. I realize how blessed I am to have her in my life and every moment spent with her is magical and beautiful. Time flies so quickly and I tend remind myself to cherish every second with my darling girl. Right now while writing this post, I am shedding tears of joy recalling the birth story of my cutie-pie.

The birth story:

We went in to the clinic on Monday morning and after a quick scan, Dr. Vishnu advised us to come in that night for admission. He informed us that the fluid in the water bag is decreasing and it’s in the best interest of the baby to induce labor sooner rather than later. Since my cervix has yet to efface, he said that labor will be induced slowly as not to stress the baby. I have relented to the fact that my labor will come naturally (I was still keeping my fingers crossed that my water bag will break on its own – but that remained a wish). My utmost concern was the baby.

Before going to the hospital to induce labor

We went in to the hospital at around 9 p.m. and the nurse immediately brought us to the labor room. I was already having regular contractions from morning. The nurse then inserted a tablet vaginally to soften the cervix and induce labor. Contractions start to become more regular and stronger but my cervix was only 1 cm dilated. I could not sleep the whole night. It was darn uncomfortable to lie down on a hard bed and pillow while being strapped and hooked to the ECG monitor.

At the labor room

At about 7 a.m. the next morning, the nurse came and inserted another half of the tablet vaginally. I was only 1.5 cm dilated – very slow progress from last night. Dr. Vishnu came in early in the morning to check on me.  He told me that the baby is still facing sunny side up (posterior position – where the baby’s head is pressing against my spine) and he said my labor might be long and slow if the baby’s head doesn’t turn. By then the labor pain intensified. He asked me if I wanted epidural; and at that moment of pain I relented to having pain medication. The anesthetist came in and administered epidural. Alfred was watching the whole procedure and freaked out 😛 After a couple of minutes, I felt a big relief especially from the back pain. Then, the nurse came rushing into the room when she heard irregularities in the baby’s heartbeat from the ECG. She was very quick to act. I was terrified not knowing what was going on. The doctor came and asked the nurse to administer an injection to increase my blood pressure. The baby’s heartbeat returned to normal after the injection. He looked at me and told “Emergency C-section – baby’s heartbeat might drop again – don’t want to risk that”. After all the special care he gave me throughout my pregnancy, I trusted him and relented.

Everything happened so fast. I was wheeled into the operation theater. Everyone moved quickly. I remember shivering the whole time. The moment the doctor uttered ‘C-section’, I was terrified. I wasn’t prepared for this. The whole time I was imagining of having a normal labor and delivery. That was the main reason I went for my daily 5 km walk around the recreational forest with my full-term pregnant belly until the day I went for delivery. At that moment, I realized that I should just surrender to the moment and accept what is – in the best interest of my baby.

It was around 9 something. I could remember the anesthetist was by my side in the operation theater. The whole scenario at the op theater freaked me out. Being awake and witnessing the operation prep was nerve wrecking. The anesthetist informed me that since the epidural has yet to take its full effect, I’d be feeling the pain when they stretch my stomach apart to take the baby out. That was so freaking frightening. He was taking me on a guided tour throughout the surgery 😛 I didn’t feel any pain when they were cutting; but the moment they stretched my stomach apart, I was screaming in pain. They immediately gave me sedative and I passed out. The one thing that I missed out was hearing the first cry of my baby – it saddens me till now 😦 I was woken up and told that the baby is out – and the baby is fine. I woke up groggily and realized I was still in the op theater. I begin crying and pleaded to see my baby. I was told that they were cleaning up my baby. The doctor ordered the nurse to immediately show me my baby.

I remember looking up and seeing her for the first time – that moment was MAGICAL – it gives me goose bumps and teary eyes whenever I recollect that moment. She was so beautiful. It felt like time stood still at that very moment I laid my eyes on her. With tears of joy rolling down on my cheek, I asked “is it a girl or a boy”. And the nurse showed me – haha, I was elated – I’ve always wanted a girl! Sobbing in between, I asked “did the baby cry – I didn’t hear”. The doctor assured me that the baby gave a loud entrance-into-the-world cry and she is perfectly fine. I will always treasure that moment – the moment when I got to see my precious angel.

Svadhi Eleesha

Svadhi Eleesha ~born at 9.49 a.m. on 19th October 2010~. A joyous celebration after all that we’ve endured. You are truly a fighter, little angel.

My beloved bundle of joy

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