Singapore Trip

Singapore has always a special place in our hearts. That’s the place where our love first blossomed. The place where he first confessed his love to me. It’s where we first started out as a couple. It brings back so many beautiful memories. The Singapore zoo we went as a couple together. The streets we walked hand-in-hand, giddy with love. That first feeling of head-over-heels-in-love will always bring warmth in the heart. And Singapore has that charm to rekindle our first beautiful memories together.

This time our trip to Singapore was to visit my newborn nephew. We decided not to drive and took a bus instead, just for a change. Plus Svadhi has never been on a bus. Shocking, I know. So what better chance than now to take her on a bus trip. She enjoyed every bit of the journey. Throughout the ride, she was smiling with excitement over her new adventure trip. And we sang The Wheels on The Bus over and over again. It’s amazing how simple things like this bring so much joy in a child. Things that we take for granted becomes a priceless experience for a child.

We stayed with Alfred’s childhood friend, Aaron. Aaron and his girlfriend Karen made our stay a very memorable one. When the day finally came for us to meet my brother’s newborn son, Svadhi was thrilled beyond words. She sat by the baby admiring every single movement.

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