My mobile phone was stolen today, at don’t know what time. Gosh, I was so pissed at the person who stole it, had all the guts to come into my office room and steal it at the brink of a second when I went to the toilet. I love that phone; and now I lost all the contact numbers! That’s so sad! Anyway, I didn’t think much of it once I got back home. At first I was in a state of trance when I realized that my phone is stolen. Then, brushed it off, thinking that nothing can be done; let the thief rejoice over his/her ‘treasure’; he/she must be happily fidgeting with it now with a big smile. It is such a beauty, sigh. The thing is that it was so difficult to find that handphone model, which is no longer in production; and it was a love at first sight when I first spotted the phone 😦 When I came back home, my sister jokingly said “Don’t worry, I’ll get you a new one”.
Other than that, the day went fine. I was compiling the mark sheet for the industrial training student. I beamed with contentment when I read my student’s email, complimenting me with such sweet words; and when I received the mini calendar attached together with a student’s final report; they are just so sweet. That’s the joy of teaching!
Another sad event is that Pn Haili, my favorite pal in the office, will be transferred to another department on 15th Jan. She’s so fun to be with, always joking about everything under the sun; we laugh at the silliest things and I am always most comfortable talking to her. Whenever I go to the admin floor to collect the faxed letters, she’s always there with a smile on her face and her quick witty comments. Will be missing you a lot and will keep you posted of all the happenings here, Pn Haili.
So, I left work early today coz’ I didn’t have the mood. Came back home and pulled a prank on my sister; she is a couch potato, glued to the TV most of the time; so I just shut down the main power switch… Ha Ha Ha; it was so funny; she thought it was power failure; it was not long after that she realized it was me! I just couldn’t stop laughing.
And Casper is naughty as ever; always aiming at inner garments (his favorite toy!). And he is so clever in picking out what he wants from the laundry basket and runs around with it with pride! It can be an embarrassing sight especially when my grandfather is around, hehe. I let Casper have my brassiere (which he stole from my laundry basket) and he is so happy 🙂
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