Homemade Baby Food

I make my own baby food for Svadhi. It seemed daunting at first to decide what to feed her but over time I learned to vary her meals. The book Great Expectations: Best food for your baby & toddler was certainly a good reference point for me. I also learnt to be creative on what to mix and match and whip up delicious meal for Svadhi.

Lately Svadhi has been difficult during mealtimes. After 2 spoonfuls, she will refuse to open her mouth. At first I gave in when I heard similar stories from other mothers. Then she continued doing that. I sat down one day and decided that I will prepare a variety of food to entice her.

Although it’s more time consuming compared to buying jarred baby food off the supermarket shelf, it’s deeply gratifying to know that you are feeding your child wholesome natural food. I love knowing that her veggies and fruits were fresh and inspected by me. Plus I get to make fun combos. Then I batch freeze her food and feed her a variety of food everyday. Even though she is not a big eater, I take pride in knowing that she just had a small bowl of wholesome and nutritious meal. And her food comes in multitude of colors: red, orange, light green, dark green, white, blackish green, and pink! And it all comes from natural source.

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